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3rd Presidential Debate

Tsk, Tsk, John McCain – you didn’t read my blog and you let that anger sneak out just as I predicted. Your “that one” comment, referring the Senator Obama, while ignored by the corporate controlled main stream press, was one of those debate errors that will live in infamy. It also cemented in the minds of many of us what we have believed for a long time – that you hold your competitor in some contempt. As we turn our eyes toward Hofstra University and the Oct 15 debate, we see many of the same dynamics as we did in
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Saturn – Uranus – The Past and Future of the Presidential Election

On election day 2008, Uranus and Saturn will be in exact opposition to each other. That is, they will be directly across from one another on their path around the Sun. The choice has been written in the stars – old and new across from one another. Which way will we go? Saturn is all about tradition, and doing things by the book – all about form and structure. Uranus is new, electric and represents upheaval and change. I don’t have to tell you which candidate is represented by each do I? The fact that we have the elder McCain,
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Second Presidential Debate – Showdown in Nashville

When they met for the first presidential debate, both candidates had so few aspects between their natal charts and the planets transiting over Oxford, Mississippi that it was difficult to figure out if anything would happen. I guess that is why it was sedate. This is not true for Oct. 7 and the Nashville debate. There is A LOT going on overhead!If I were advising the Obama campaign astrologically I would tell them this is the best time to try to get under McCain’s skin and allow America to see that famous McCain temper. Transiting Mars is in McCain’s 12th
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