Fried Pasta

This is a good carb loaded recipe perfect for a cold winter’s dinner and quirky enough to satisfy your favorite Aquarian. Aquarians are the rebels of the Zodiac. They love to innovate and just shake up the normal flow of life. Often described as the teenagers of the sky, Aquarians have a low tolerance for […]

Pope Francis

I love this Pope. Really, if I still believed in one thing Catholicism and Christianity hold I might be tempted to go back just because of him. While I crossed and blew up that bridge, I still admire him and appreciate his efforts to modernize the church. Naturally, I had to look at his birth […]

A Wallop of a Full Moon

The first Full Moon of 2015 comes storming in late evening on Sunday, January 4 as part of another – yes, sorry to say – a cardinal grand cross. The Moon is in Cancer, Sun is in Capricorn and “crossing” them are Uranus and the South Node in Aries and the North Node in Libra. […]