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Ready for a Little Good News for a Change?

If so, then the universe is bringing us a ray of hope in the miasma of living in Trump world. We have Venus, the Moon, Neptune and Pallas Athena all in Pisces right now. Since Neptune rules Pisces, it is infusing us with a double dosage of the compassion and universality which is the specialty of sign. When we overlay the current chart over that of the United States we see that those Pisces-infused planets are in our third house, that of community and friendship. Venus is the energy of the goddess of love and creativity and the Moon also
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The “March” of Uranus and Jupiter

A few months ago I did an early 2017 outlook report for my clients and saw a good deal of unrest. I was hoping against hope that my instincts were wrong – that we would never elect a fool like Trump – and that Hillary would somehow prevail but that her election would spark great unrest on the right. I saw the signs but was too horrified to think of him winning. Now that the nightmare has become reality, it is clear to see that one of the manifestations of troubling planetary placements is the Women’s March on Washington. Uranus,
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On Inauguration Week – What Are Our Values?

As our Pluto return bears down on America’s second house, demanding that we deeply reexamine our values, it is exposing centuries of our monetary and value-based “sins.” We are clearly suffering the penalties of not responding to the banking crises in a way that punished the perpetrators: we are punished with the election of Trump. The oligarchy, the rich ruling class, is now ostentatiously in command. Pluto brings the dark to light. However, the disease is much deeper and longer simmering. Despite all of our high ideals, slave holding men created us, we executed generations of Native Americans  gave some
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