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Are Your Ready to Grab the Energy of the Solar Eclipse?

The total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 will streak directly across the United States. An eclipse always portends great change but the effects do not hit like a cyclone. They are, however, like ripples on an ocean, gradually forcing changes as they slowly spread. The idea that an eclipse is some sort of cosmic thunderclap is misguided. You won’t suddenly receive and infusion of solar energy the moment it begins. Still, we cannot deny the stunning transformation and even upheaval caused by a solar eclipse. An eclipse amplifies the energy of the planets in its path for a period
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When Sessions Testifies: Mercury Trines Neptune

How appropriate! Just when Jeff Sessions goes before Congress to answer questions about the on-going Russian hearings, we have Mercury, the communicator trining or in harmony with Neptune, the dreamy obfuscator! Mercury is in the constellation it rules, Gemini, thus making her very powerful – and Neptune is in its “home” of Pisces. Mercury is the fleet footed creature who carries the messages from the gods and rules all forms of communication. Pisces, is the spiritual dreamer who would rather live in a perfect, non-physical world than clunky old reality. You can see how this can lead to prevarication in
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Jupiter Turns Direct On June 9 When the Moon is “Full” in Sagitarrius

For those of you who love retrogrades – and you know who you are – you have just a few more days of Jupiter in this position. Seriously, retrogrades are great times to work on the energy not only of the planet but of the constellation it is stutter-stepping in during the retrograde.     Jupiter turned retrograde back in February in Libra, ruled by Venus, the sign of relationships both romantic and financial. Of course, Jupiter is our largest planet and urges to explore the world, indeed, the universe.  The last thing Jupiter wants is restriction and confinement. This retrograde period is perfect
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