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What payment will Pluto Demand of the US

I have written extensively on the transit of Pluto through America’s second house – that of our values and fiscal priorities – and the coming Pluto return. Pluto will “return” to where it was when we were created in 1776.  In the process he brings up hidden secrets and the dirty little lies we tell our selves. As a point of illustration, I tell my clients that if someone has Pluto going through his sixth house, that of health, and has been sitting on the coach for years eating pork rinds and soda then he can expect that heart attack
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Full Gemini Moon – With Mercury in Retrograde. What Needs to Be Said?

Did you see the supermoon or “Full Cold Moon” last night? Supermoons is a full moon occurring when the Moon is at apogee, or is closest to the Earth. This is not something that happens often and it makes the moon appear about 14 percent larger and a lot brighter than a normal full Moon. This can also be a double Gemini Moon. For the next few days the Moon is in Gemini. Mercury, ruler of Gemini, went into retrograde on November 14 and will remain until December 22. Gemini has domain over all forms of communications – especially the
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