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Mars in Sagittarius – No Time for Excuses

Are you slowing down on your New Year’s resolutions? Well, be prepared to fire up again as warrior Mars moves in a fellow fire sign, Sagittarius. This is a very restless, adventurous and physical placement because we are combining the wanderlust of Sagittarius with the drive and energy of Mars. Winter might be the time of hibernating and binge watching or reading but think of this transit as your own personal January thaw. Mars makes the move on January 26 so you have some time to plan your project and make your attack plans. The old file cabinet or pile
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No better time to tackle your 2018 resolutions.

If you are one who makes New Year’s resolutions now is a time to kick them into high gear. We have a stellium (a large number of planets all in one sign) in Capricorn, the task master. Saturn recently entered Capricorn (as I mentioned in a previous blog), Pluto has been there since 2008, the Sun is in Capricorn until January 21 and for a few days Mercury will be joining them there. This is a good time to make a plan on how you want to face the rest of the year (the Sun.) Make a plan, catch up
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Uranus Finally Goes Direct – Too Bad So Does Trump.

Happy New Year! In addition to the beautiful New Year’s Day full Moon, the universe gave us the present of Uranus moving out of retrograde where it has been since August, 2017. It didn’t surprise me that our so-called president used that movement to make a stereotypical move. Uranus is in Aries, the god of war. I describe this as like a teenager running with a loaded gun this situation. Uranus is unpredictable trickster energy that loves to shoot thunderbolts just to shake things up. Trump’s ridiculous mine-is-bigger-than-yours tweet to North Korea is a perfect example of this Uranus-Aries, unhinged
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