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The Dance of Mercury and Jupiter

Now that Mercury has gone retrograde in Sagittarius she will be dancing closely with Jupiter that has just moved into that sign. Around the time of the winter solstice, they will be in a tight conjunction. Mercury like Sagittarius and it’s ruler, Jupiter, is all about communications. Indeed, this can be a very chatty holiday season for better or worse. The worse would be everyone digging deep inside to air EVERY single issue they have against EVERY family member from the beginning of their time on Earth! The better would be to inwardly assess both sides of the communications issues
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Jupiter Goes Home to Sagittarius.

On November 8 Jupiter returned home to the constellation it feels most at home, Sagittarius. It takes Jupiter twelve years to go around the zodiac so it remains in a constellation just about a year. For those with strong Jupiter/Sagittarius influence in their charts – Sun, Moon, ascendant – it is a time for growth, learning and reaching higher levels. Jupiter is constantly pushing us to go beyond boundaries – to see what is on the other side of fence. Set your goals for what you wish to overcome! However, Jupiter is sometimes too big, too ambitious – and can
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Are we Listening to Pluto?

It is Election Day – with Venus and Uranus in retrograde and our country in Pluto return. Will we allow the forces that are loose in  public – forces of homophobia, misogyny and white nationalism to reign free or will we stand up and say NO! Will women reach deep and say ENOUGH? Pluto puts them front and center – it is up to us to clear it out — or live with the consequences.  
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