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Saturn Turns Retrograde

Saturn, the ruler of time, authority, duty and discipline turns retrograde this week. It does sit sitting very close to the equally karmic South Node. The South Node is your comfort zone- where the universe wants you to leave, grow and move on. Unfortunately, it is where we usually hate to leave – creatures of comfort and routine you know. If you are resisting taking authority over your actions, if you are trying to hide from duty and responsibility you will feel this retrograde. This is not a good time for Peter Pans! However, if you are ready to be
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What Does Venus Have to Do with April Fools?

The Roman’s dedicated the month of Venus. Veneralia was the first day of the month in the Roman calendar. The first day of her month was a day of celebration and games when the Roman’s tasted the first fruits of spring. Men would wear women’s clothing, women would remove their jewels and adornments. All would jump into the men’s pools together and….frolic. It was a fine day to wear masks, play tricks and just get a good case of spring fever. Throughout time, this evolved into a day April Fools Day. Frankly, I think the Romans had more fun!
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