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Tired of Capricorn? Well She is Still Going Full Charge – With the Lunar Eclipse

Today at 5: 38 PM Eastern which will have a partial lunar eclipse with the Sun in Cancer and the Moon in opposition in Capricorn. Sorry to say, if you are tired of dealing with issues of authority vs. emotions, responsibility vs. compassion, head vs. heart, you might want to hide for a few hours! These are the themes of this eclipse. Cancer, ruled by the Moon, is now in the opposite and highly structured sign of Capricorn. All of those issues of where you are being too structured or perhaps not structured enough or too emotional or closing off
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Yes, Mercury went Retrograde

Let the gasping begin! Seriously, few things cause greater consternation than little Mercury turning inward. I hate to fuel the fear but this one will be in Leo, a fire sign, and will occur when Mercury conjuncts Mars and square Uranus. As they used to say in the old Western movies, “them can be fightin’ words.” This is the time to be very careful of what you say – think twice, speak once. This is a time when we can see wars of words or words causing personal wars. Use this time to study how you should be thinking before
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A Solar Eclipse this Week

Today we have a solar eclipse in Cancer which would normally not make a ripple in our cosmic awareness. However, this is happening in direct opposition to our retrograded Saturn and Pluto that are sitting on the South Node. Those three powerhouses, now in Capricorn, put out enough energy demanding that we slow down, analyze and do some inner work surrounding self-authority and power. With the eclipsing of the Sun in opposition it is a great time to literally shed light on issues of emotion (Cancer) vs. authority (Capricorn). One good task would be to see where your emotions are
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