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August Full Moon 2019: Time, Date and Meaning of the Full Sturgeon Moon

August 13, 2019 Super Blue Blood Moon And Total Lunar Eclipse 2018: A Rare Phenomena In 150 Years A full “Sturgeon” Moon is set to grace the night sky in the coming days—to the delight of skywatchers. Full moons are an astronomical phenomenon that occur roughly once a month when the Earth is positioned between the sun and the moon. In this situation, the face of the moon that we can see is fully lit up by our star, appearing like a perfect circle. Technically the term “full moon” refers to the Read in Newsweek:
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The Virgo Stellium

 We will have a stellium (five or more planets in one sign) in Virgo starting in early August. Mars enters the constellation on August 8, and then Venus jumps in on the 21st. Juno will join the Sun when it moves into Virgo on 23rd and Mercury follows the next day. With the exception of Juno, these are all “personal” or close in planets. Mars deals with our aggression (not always a bad word) and forward movement. Venus, is love, receptivity and financial acumen and Mercury, is our communicator, how we process and send forth our thoughts. The Sun is our
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