Monthly Archives April 2021

Aries Descends in Cancer

this month. I say descends because I picture Aries holding its nose and saying, “OK let me get this over with.” Aries is fire, passion, even aggression and anger if taken to extremes. It is not particularly comfortable in the cool and calm Cancer. Use this short stay, however, to analyze how you can cool your anger – how can you redirect? Is the full frontal attack of Aries always the right way to go? Aries doesn’t like to calm down – but sometimes, it is a good thing to do! Breathe!
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Moon To Close to Pluto?

Feeling lacking in the “spring joy?” Feeling a little cranky? Well, if you have a Moon in Aquarius or other “personal” – Sun, rising sign or Mercury dominated by Aquarius or Uranus, you are really feeling the impact of Pluto “kissing” the Moon. The Moon has just tipped into Aquarius which can be an unsettling as this is typified by electric and quirky energy. Right now, the orbits of the Moon and Pluto are in conjunction or close to one another. Pluto is also unsettling but in a different way. It demands that we change – that we dig deep
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