Full Moon Eclipse

May 26, 2021. Can you handle the truth? Can you speak yours? Those will be the questions posed by this full Moon eclipse in Sagittarius, the truth seeker. Sagittarius has a devoted love of the truth – more importantly- of seeking a personal truth and speaking that truth honestly. (Of course, less evolved Sags. sometimes blurt out their versions of the truth regardless of the consequences but let’s not dwell on that.)

Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and the Moon makes a tricky disharmonious square to Jupiter at this time. So be careful. You don’t want to blurt out suppressed feelings without thought, you don’t want to say things that hurt. However, this is a good time to dig deeply into what has gone unsaid. Is it time to let it go – or is there a way to be honest with someone with the “you did this to me” that often comes with buried feelings.

People with Cancer (or Moon Child), or Sagittarius rising, Sun or Moon will feel this eclipse the most but it will be a good time for all to think about real truth, their truth and that which has been squashed.