Things Will Heat Up Before the 4th with Mars and Saturn

Mars and Saturn make odd bedfellows in general. Mars is hot and Saturn is cold logic. This is enhanced now because Mars is in hot Leo and Saturn in the coolest of the cool signs, Aquarius. When there, Saturn just wants to quietly ponder how it can restructure societial norms. This is especially profound in the “sort of post Covid world” we find ourselves in. Mars comes in screaming, “I am mad as hell and want to do something, NOW.” Not good.

You may feel that the progress you are making on re-structuring your life is going too slowly now, you may want to start some fights to push people into action. That is rarely a tactic that works. If you start feeling the anxiety of Mars wanting to move you back into “normal, pre Covid life” (whatever that was), don’t take the bait. Use Mars to find what areas are still agitating you, where you haven’t made the adjustment the way you want yet but don’t let it bully you into making a rash decision.

Stay calm and listen to Mars’ ranting and then calmly decide if you want to adjust your re-structuring. Saturn in Aqaurius wants the new plans to emerge but rationally.

Neptune Goes Retrograde on June 25

I always laugh that everyone freaks out over Mercury retrograde but not when the other planets do the same retrograde rumba. I mean a retrograde is a retrograde for goodness sakes – it is a time for looking inward. Anyway, Neptune our guide to our spirtuality and all things “not physical.” On the positive side, Neptune connects us to the great cosmic soup. However, because it deals so well it spirit, its energy is often unable to cope with physical reality. So the shadlow aspects are illusion, confusion and seeing all of life through those proverbial “rose colored glasses.”

You can use this time work in two areas:

  1. What is your connection to spirit? Does it need review – are you getting the most out of the your spiritual practices?
  2. How are you facing the realities of the physical world? Are you facing them? Are there people or situations about which you are refusing to face the truth?

Those with Pisces Nodes, Sun or Ascendants will feel this the most but even my fellow Pisces Moons should pay attention to this time of retrograde.

First Solar Eclipse of 2021

At 12:43 PM on June 10, there will be a partial eclipse of the Sun at 19 degrees Gemini. Peak viewing is in the northern parts of Canada, Greenland and Russia although some parts of the US and Europe may see a piece of it.

The energy of Gemini is interesting in this day of “alternative facts” and truth masquerading as fact. Gemini is the communicator and it would great if people WOULD stop spouting their beliefs and listen to someone else. However, I am sure that there will no sudden awakening! We can all work on our selves – we can always work on ourselves. Are your ears closed to everyone? How do you close people off? Every great journey starts with one step and every social change starts with one person awakening.

So breathe in the Gemini and the transformative power of the eclipse – see where it can open you mind.

Saturn Squares Uranus on June 14

A square is often considered “negative” or difficult energy.

However, without this type of energy we don’t get any changes made. Saturn is
duty and authority, and Uranus is wild, nonconformist energy. You can see the
clash between these two can be epic. Especially now that we have Saturn in
Aquarius, which is ruled by Uranus, and Uranus in an earthy sign of Taurus. It
is almost as a world upside down. Saturn would prefer to be in Taurus and
Uranus in Aquarius. What does it all mean?

It means a time of reckoning between authority and innovation. Where are you
going by remote control – because you “should” be doing something? Is
there a portion of your life that you need to shake up and take control? Are
you tired of doing something because someone, somewhere said that is how you
need to operate? Let Uranus infuse your Saturn control.

Conversely, is there an area of your life that needs more direction, where
you wanted to start a project but couldn’t get it organized? Let Saturn infuse
that Uranus energy.

These squares don’t have to be difficult. Use them! Don’t fear them!

Yes, Mercury Retrograded – And So Will Jupiter — Oh Yeah So Too Saturn.

Again, I implore that no one freak out about about it but Mercury has gone retrograde and will be there for most of June. Yes, you might have some computer snafu’s and miscommunications but for goodness sakes, look at the bright side. You can work on moving your communicaitons to a more positive realm but studying how and why you still block what you want to authentically say to people. How cool is that?

Jupiter will head retrograde in late June – and Saturn is already there. I don’t know why we don’t pay more attention to the “big guns” when they retrograde. These are great opportunites to study how we hold ourselves back from learning and exploring (Jupiter) and how we give others our rightful authority (Saturn.) That is a whole lot more valuable than worrying about a letter gone astray for a bit, no?