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Waxing, what?

The Moon today is in Sagittarius and is waxing Gibbous. I am sorry but that is just a funny word. Gibbous, not waxing. Waxing means the moon is reaching 50 percent illumination to we Earthlings. Waxing means it is getting bigger to our view – waning is the oppoisite, But Gibbous? Really? Basically, it is from the shape of the moon – greater than a semi circle less than a full circle. It is still a silly name. Waxing Gibbous is half way between a half moon and full moon. A Gibbous moon can either be waxing or waning depending
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Chiron – Now Retrograded

Chiron is an oft forgotten asteroid which makes sense when you know what he represents – separation and loneliness. Chiron in mythology was born have man (and in some stories – half god) and half centaur. Centaurs were gross and vile creatures with no manners. Chiron had the front head of a man and the back end of a horse like creature. This is not a plan for a happy life. He was ridiculed, isolated and denigrated. After years of torture, he removed himself to a cave and contemplated his fate. It was there, in isolation, he decided to overcome
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