3rd Presidential Debate

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Tsk, Tsk, John McCain – you didn’t read my blog and you let that anger sneak out just as I predicted. Your “that one” comment, referring the Senator Obama, while ignored by the corporate controlled main stream press, was one of those debate errors that will live in infamy. It also cemented in the minds of many of us what we have believed for a long time – that you hold your competitor in some contempt.

As we turn our eyes toward Hofstra University and the Oct 15 debate, we see many of the same dynamics as we did in the first debate. Basically, there aren’t a lot of aspects floating around these two men so it should be another bland debate.

The strongest aspect Obama has is a conjunction between transiting Saturn, his natal Mars and progressed Sun all in Virgo and all in the 11th house – the house of social contacts and group activities. This is going to give a lot of force and structure to his passion – he will be able to clearly outline what he wants to get across to people. The caution here is to keep the fires tamped down – don’t be too preachy, too picky. With his Moon semi square transiting Uranus – he will have to work hard to keep his famous cool as he will be burning with nervous energy.

Senator McCain has transiting Saturn squaring his Venus at the time of debate. His hopes for appearing youthful and open will be dashed – as he will come off more pedantic and grandfatherly than his handlers will desire. And with Moon square his natal Sun and his Mars square transiting Uranus his emotions, his anger can all boil over to make him come off not only grouchy but desperate and harsh.

Obama needs to stay cool, add a touch of levity and play out the clock!