A Blue Moon Super Moon Eclipse on Wednesday The Moon Hugs Ceres – a Female Super Blue Moon

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

If you love the Moon, mark your calendar for January 31 when (if you are in North America or Hawaii) you will see a blue Moon lunar eclipse just before sunrise. Blue Moons occur when we have two full moons in one calendar month. There will be another in March. The lunar eclipse will be total meaning that the Moon will be completely in the shadow of the Earth for a bit more than an hour. This is not, as you might have heard on social media, the first Blue Moon total eclipse in 150, just that it is the first visible to the Americas, particularly North American in that time.

This will be a Leo Blue Moon. A full Moon occurs when the Sun and Moon are 180 degrees away from each other on the ecliptic. Because the Moon is far from the rays of the Sun, we can see it more clearly than normal. With the Sun in Aquarius, the Moon must be in opposing Leo.

The Moon will also be one degree away from motherly Ceres, the nurturer. As the Moon is a feminine energy as well,we can call this the woman Super Blue Moon.

It is easy to say that this will fuel the “women first” energy that is permeating certainly America and Europe but let’s look at what this means for you. This is going to focus your attention on intimacy, home, family and the balance of the inner energy of the Moon and the fiery outward energy of Leo.

People with heavy Aquarius, Leo, and Moon (Cancer) influences will feel this more but we can also take a moment to ponder this energy of home, balance and our inner world.

Happy gazing!