A Wallop of a Full Moon

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

Full Moon Jan 15
The first Full Moon of 2015 comes storming in late evening on Sunday, January 4 as part of another – yes, sorry to say – a cardinal grand cross. The Moon is in Cancer, Sun is in Capricorn and “crossing” them are Uranus and the South Node in Aries and the North Node in Libra. All of these are cardinal signs infused with the energy of action and strength.

While these dynamic energies battling it out in the sky may trigger emotional crises, they are also another dose of good “change” energy abundant in the New Year. (See my blog last week about the Pluto/Sun/Vesta conjunction.)

Cancer is the sign of emotional attachment – think of it like the nurturing – perhaps too nurturing – mommy of the zodiac. Capricorn is the rather stern daddy energy. Use this energy to remove undesirable emotional attachments from your life’s baggage. Where do you have to be rather stern and say “no more?” Stopping your conditioned emotional response to a person or situation may cause upheaval. However, isn’t that better than continued suffering? Growth is never pain free. Freedom always comes at some initial pain.

To be “full” the Moon must be opposite from the Sun. With our current Sun/Pluto conjunction, the Moon is now also opposite Pluto. There is no better time to undergo a deep transformation (Pluto) regarding people and things that trigger deep emotional controls on you. Pluto wants us to be self- empowered. Who is sucking your emotional energy, or should I say who are you allowing to suck your emotional energy? Where do you not have control over your emotional responses?

With the North and South Node axis a huge part of this cross, be sure to work on breaking free from karmic patterns of emotional addiction.

Full Moon Jan 15

There is nothing pussyfooted about this Full Moon. It is your chance to go deep into yourself, deep into your past, deep into the ingrained emotional responses that may be ruling you subconsciously and reset them.

This Moon will be making a positive aspect to Chiron, the wounded warrior. The pain evoked by your Moon work, while troubling, is coming to the surface for an important reason. Emotional healing and clearing cannot happen without the wound reopening a wound, no matter how old, and applying the necessary ointment.