As Saturn Moves into Sagittarius for the Next Two Years……..

Merry Solstice, Happy Yule – yesterday was the Winter Solstice, also called the shortest day and longest night of the year. From this day forward, the light will gradually return until the Spring Equinox when light and dark are again in balance. As we emerge from the inward darkness energy into the light again it is a good time to reflect (no pun intended) on the inward light that shines from us.

Two days after the Solstice, on December 23, 2014 Saturn will leave Scorpio and, for the first time in 30 years, move into Sagittarius. It will remain there, after a short retrograde back to Scorpio from June 16 – Sept 18, 2015, until December 20, 2017.

Sagittarius vibrates to the ninth house of higher education, foreign affairs, international travel, publishing and personal spiritual and philosophical growth. Its planetary ruler is huge Jupiter, with control over ideals, education, religion and laws.

Saturn rules structure, authority and requires us to pay attention to rules while Sagittarius, although not one to mock authority, hates being hamstringed by outdated rigidity. This is a perfect time to re-evaluate religion and conflicts between extremist and hard right “religions” and true religions of goodwill and peace will be prominent. This will be most prominent in 2015 because Saturn will make hard aspects with Neptune, the planet of spirituality. Sadly, this could lead to some bloody clashes in areas where religion and violence doing a sorrowful dance.

New educational techniques will come to the forefront ad well and explosion in computer learning. I hope that we will take advantage of this passage to loosen the economic bondage now forced on students seeking higher education in this country.

Foreign boundaries can change as they did 1980’s. The recent opening of Cuba with the help of a progressive Pope is a perfect example of the energy of Saturn in Sagittarius. In fact, the whole idea of a Pope shaking up the bureaucracy is a Saturn-Sagittarius energy so expect some more surprises from Pope Francis.
We should see new forms of publishing and other methods for reaching the public that shake up the already shaky book industry.

Most importantly look for Saturn in your personal chart. What house is it in? What aspects does it make? Saturn brings worry and responsibility. For instance, with Saturn in the first you will put too much pressure on yourself and battle with depression or despondency. How can you use the expansiveness of Jupiter to lessen that burden, that constant pressure you place upon yourself to perform?

Remember Jupiter and Sagittarius encourage us to grow, seek, expand and explore!