Astrology of the First Thanksgiving

No one knows the accurate date of the first Thanksgiving. We know that there was a letter written in December 1621 which alluded to the gathering. Most historians assume it took place in mid October. The weather was colder then, and the harvest schedule closer to October. (In Canada, Thanksgiving is celebrated in early-mid October.)

We can’t pinpoint transactions for that day, of course. But we can look at the slow moving planets. For instance, Pluto was in Taurus – the sign of connection to the land, resources and provided. However, it was in retrograde at that time, portending secrets and the issue of both parties having a different view of these issues mean and which is more important. They may have come together on the day but clearly did not understand one another.

However, the intentions at that moment were good. Saturn, the sign ruling authority and government structure was in motherly and benevolent Cancer. There was a real sense of community pervading that time period. Benevolent Jupiter in Gemini, the sign of communication and outreach was strong but also in retrograde.

This reminds me of current Thanksgiving holidays where we come together with people often vastly different than us and we pretend for the day to get along, however, we all retain our own agendas.

Have we learned nothing? Yes, we have and we are learning more – even more than we give ourselves credit. We can learn back and see the positive and shadow aspects of this first celebration and make the vow to be more honest, accepting and aware of our own secret agendas and last prejudices. That is the way to honor and grow from this tradition.