Chiron – Now Retrograded

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Chiron is an oft forgotten asteroid which makes sense when you know what he represents – separation and loneliness. Chiron in mythology was born have man (and in some stories – half god) and half centaur. Centaurs were gross and vile creatures with no manners. Chiron had the front head of a man and the back end of a horse like creature. This is not a plan for a happy life. He was ridiculed, isolated and denigrated. After years of torture, he removed himself to a cave and contemplated his fate. It was there, in isolation, he decided to overcome his disabilities and heal others. He went on to be a great healer and teacher of many including Achilles and was elevated to the level of god upon his death. (In many stories, this death came only after he rescued Prometheus from his fate. The asteroid Chiron is now retrograded. What a more perfect time for us to explore where we are isolated from our lives? The Chironic wound is one of isolation – and separation from life.  In our natal charts it indicates where we need to go inside ourselves and try to understand the roots of this isolation. Like the mythological Chiron, we can then not only heal ourselves but show others where they too can find solace. Find the pain, heal yourself and help others out of the dark. With a retrograded movement, Chiron is begging us to pay attention to these painful areas of life. Pain won’t go away on its own – it needs the Chironic medicine.