Don’t Discount the Moon

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

Most astrologers don’t pay enough time exploring the Moon. It moves so fast that it often gets lost in the shuffle of the dynamos like Jupiter and Pluto. However, this little speed demon does influence our moods. Today and tomorrow the Moon will be finishing a trip through Scorpio. Having a Scorpio Sun, I can feel the “spookiness” of Scorpio – I feel a bit paranoid – looking for a shoe some shoe that must be dropping someplace. The same can be said for someone with a Scorpio Moon or Scorpio rising – the extra dose of Scorpio on our emotions brings out the negative aspects of our sign.

As she leaves Scorpio for Sagittarius the Moon will set their nerves on jitter for a bit. People with a strong Sagittarian influence might feel ex-opinionated at this time, or start being a little looser with the money.

If you are feeling out of sorts, check the position of the Moon. She has more to do with it than you think!