For Those Growing Weary of Pluto’s Demands

We are coming up on three positive trines of Jupiter and Pluto which should help those feeling burdened by the constant demands of Pluto. This tiny dwarf planet insists that we dig deep and root out what no longer works for us no matter the pain. When big, beneficent Jupiter makes a positive aspect (a trine) on October 11 he brings positive energy and hopefulness to the grind of Pluto. Jupiter sees no limits and helps us reach goals no matter how far they seem to be from our grasp. (March 16 and June 26, 2016 are the dates for the second and third trine of Pluto and Jupiter.)

This month Mars will figure into the mix as well. Mars brings leadership energy and drive. He is where we harness or aggression to complete tasks or, if we are in shadow aspects, where we express raw anger and destructive force. This has positive aspects because it really gives us a boost to fulfill our Pluto requirements of personal change. However, those more inclined to the negative more war-like aspects of Mars will find the combination of Pluto and Jupiter as an excuse to spread boundless pain.


moonLet’s hope more people focus on the beneficial aspects of Mars energy and Jupiter expansiveness to accomplish your Pluto goals.