Full Gemini Moon – With Mercury in Retrograde. What Needs to Be Said?

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

Did you see the supermoon or “Full Cold Moon” last night? Supermoons is a full moon occurring when the Moon is at apogee, or is closest to the Earth. This is not something that happens often and it makes the moon appear about 14 percent larger and a lot brighter than a normal full Moon.

This can also be a double Gemini Moon. For the next few days the Moon is in Gemini. Mercury, ruler of Gemini, went into retrograde on November 14 and will remain until December 22.

Astrology concept. Constellations on night sky. Silhouettes of astrologers observing zodiac constellation.

Gemini has domain over all forms of communications – especially the exchange of data and intimate conversations and discussions. Use this retrograde to your benefit. Mercury was the ancient messenger of the Gods and when in retrograde, it allows us to unearth buried truths or thought patterns that may be blocking you from moving forward. It is a time to assess what you need to say but may be too afraid to. At this time of the supermoon, think of emotional responses you are blocking.

Don’t be afraid of the retrograde – use it to your advantage.