Full Virgo Moon – March 1 – Are You a Willing Victim?

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

March first will bring a full Moon.  The Native Americans called the full Moon of March the Worm Moon because the worms begin to push out through the Earth when it appeared. Because we will have another full Moon later in the month, March is another Blue Moon month.

The Moon will be in Virgo during this Worm Moon. Be on the lookout for feelings of victimization bubbling up. I call Virgo the Cinderella of the zodiac. She is always sitting by the fireplace making everyone else pretty for the ball but never thinks she can go. Virgo often considers themselves last to the point of allow others to bully, boss and ride over them.

If you have a Virgo Sun, Moon or ascendant by birth you will feel this even more than most but we all can be aware of the ways we allow others to use us. How can you emotionally take yourself away from the fireplace and into your ball gown?