Happy Birthday Pope Francis

I never thought I would be typing, speaking, or in any way conveying this sentiment but I love this new Pope! This man who is telling Christians to worry about the poor, do not worry if your fellow Man loves men not women and to basically get back to the “fundamentals” of the teachings of the Church is shaking the world. More importantly, he is scaring those who have co-opted Christianity to mean – hate the poor, or anyone who is in any way different from you but war is a great thing!
With his birthday coming up soon I just had to look at this mavericks chart.
The Pope was born Dec 17, 1936 at 9:00 PM in Buenos Aires, Argentina and even a quick glance at his chart shows how sincere he is about his message of brotherhood and compassion.
His North Node, his current life karmic identification is in Sagittarius – that is the sign of expansion – of reaching out to all to find and understand their beliefs.  Sagittarius is by nature encompassing. However, look at the planets surrounding his North Node. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is on the North Node, intensifying that energy. In addition, he has his Sun, his inner light if you will, with Jupiter – another intensifying placement.
If this weren’t enough Ceres, the planet were we get and give nurturing is next to Jupiter and on the other side of this stellium is Pallas Athena the warrior goodness, who indicates in Astrology, where we take up the cause for the underdog. All of these planets are in his sixth house – the house of day-to-day work.  This is his life’s work – to bring the Sagittarian expansionism – the desire to know and understand what makes everyone tick and to care and nurture everyone. His life’s goal was to find work in which he could nurture, care for and understand all people.
His Venus Moon conjunction in the seventh in Aquarius is interesting because it indicates either someone who is gay or someone who really doesn’t give a hoot who people sleep with. In any case, it shows a very open view toward sexuality.

This has not been an easy path – he has many enemies – Pluto retrograded in the first house, Uranus retrograded in the 10th and Saturn in the eighth. I would caution him never to let his guard down or his security for that matter. There are people who do not like “change” even when it is a return to the true roots of the organization.