Jupiter Finally Gets Back On Track

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Jupiter stationed direct from retrograde position on July 10. When she went deep into Scorpio she dug through issues for money, sex, power and taxes.  So now in that she has stirred the soup pot of these deep issues it is up to us to shift through and make life corrections. None of these areas is “light” – there is nothing “light” about Scorpio. He dwells in the deep underworld of secrets and lies.

Jupiter only visits Scorpio once every 12 year so we don’t get to head into these “sex, drugs and rock and roll” arenas that much – and perhaps that is a good thing. However, take a minute to see what lessons she has given during this retrograde. Where are you not holding your power? Where are you giving up your resources, your value, your sexuality? Where are you generally not in control of the forces that keep your personal boundaries safe?

Don’t run away from the power of Scorpio and the expansion of Jupiter. What you may find on the other side i a new more formidable person!