Keep Your Eyes on Uranus

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

Even though it is in retrograde Uranus is right now as close to Earth as it can be. We know from mythology that Uranus has trickster energy – completely unpredictable and somewhat destructive.

Because Uranus rules electricity, lightening and many astrologers are pointing to his hand in the devastating wild fires in California.

I prefer to work on the more personal level, however. Where Uranus is transiting in your chart right now is an area is one that can use a jolt. It is always best to come out ahead of Uranus – you want to make the change that you may have been ruminating on for seemingly forever – don’t allow Uranus to make that change for you. He can cause quite the shock! For a quick review of your current chart and how Uranus will impact you in the next few months – click here – only $25

P.S. One of the many reasons this summer has been so unpredictable is that every New Moon we have had has been conjunct Uranus – He is just having a ball causing all of this agitation!