Lillith in Dangerous Territory: How Are You Addressing Your Inner Rebel?

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And there is Lilith – wedged between karmic Saturn and Pluto.  Saturn is the authoritarian and Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld so this is not a neighborhood full of frivolity. Yet, there is the temptress, daring Lilith bravely holding her own between this two dour creatures. In Sumerian mythology, Lilith was the ultimate bad girl. She was a dark demon and seductress of innocent men. Lilith was a strong minded, desirous woman who struck fear in the hearts of the fragile male ego.

Later lore made her a fallen Eve type. Forced to fill an idealized male role of the perfect woman, she vehemently rebelled.

In Astrology the placement of Lilith indicates where we rebel against the norms of society – where we seek our own path.  Even the meekest person can look to Lilith for the one area they allow themselves to at least dream of autonomy.

Now as she asserts herself between the two most dominating and restrictive of planets she reminds us that this is the time of rebellion. Indeed, it almost looks as though she is saying hey guys I am here. #METOO