Mars Making One More Square to Uranus

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

Tuesday, September 18 sees Mars making one more exact square to Uranus. Mars happens to be in the sign that Uranus rules, Aquarius, while Uranus is in stable stubborn Taurus. This is a classic combination of a shake up – perhaps even an explosion. Uranus isn’t happy digging through Taurus – the stability and slowness of Taurus is opposite Uranus’ natural rebellious energy. During a retrograde Uranus is even slower and feeling more tied down with the heavy Earth energy of Taurus.

Then along comes angry, aggressive Mars feeling all of the change and upheaval energy so envied by Uranus making a disharmonious square.

You can feel unsettled during this time – especially if Mars/Aries, Uranus/Aquarius play important roles in your chart. Don’t try to fight it – the information coming out will point to an area that you need to investigate – think of stale energy that needs to be aired.

On a global scale – look for some disruption to a established organization…yes, we have been saying that a lot this year.