Mars with Saturn and Pluto In Capricorn – Anger Mangement?

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On March 17, Mars joins Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Like his fellow travelers, Mars enjoys the ride through this constellation. Mar loves aggressive direct action and Capricorn enjoys organization and direct action. The good part is that Capricorn will hold back some of the more risky Mars behavior. Mars wants to lash out and act regardless of consequences. Capricorn is more the village elder informing Mars with common sense calming energy.

Mars will march through Capricorn for most of the year and will retrograde back at the end of the year.

Evaluate where you may be too angry, where you don’t think before you act or where you are holding childish angers too deep inside. Process these through the fatherly energy of Capricorn. Is there a better way to resolve issues? Can you make a long term plan to release pent up anger?

The point of this energy is to mature your anger responses and make them more productive instead of reactionary. We need more of this energy right now so let’s use it!