Mercury is Squaring Saturn – A Time to Think….Then Speak

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.


Mercury is making a disharmonious aspect, a square, to Saturn. The positive aspect is that it brings Saturn’s love of form, structure, commitment, discipline, gravity, and focus to our communicative abilities (Mercury’s purview.)

This is the time for negotiations, choosing words carefully and negotiating with care. Saturn loves to bring things in perspective and put an end on them. It acts like a knife gutting the detritus and makes us come to the point. Work on editing, cleaning out the file cabinet, answering all of those pending emails, or finishing that annoying report.

This is a time for tact and honesty – it is NOT a time to be making ad hominem attacks especially when the stakes can be war or even nuclear war. Saturn is the task master, he wants us to be concise and thorough not wild. Outrageous conversation and arguments will not have successful outcomes.

Think clearly, think honestly – and think before you speak.