Moon To Close to Pluto?

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Feeling lacking in the “spring joy?” Feeling a little cranky?

Well, if you have a Moon in Aquarius or other “personal” – Sun, rising sign or Mercury dominated by Aquarius or Uranus, you are really feeling the impact of Pluto “kissing” the Moon. The Moon has just tipped into Aquarius which can be an unsettling as this is typified by electric and quirky energy.

Right now, the orbits of the Moon and Pluto are in conjunction or close to one another. Pluto is also unsettling but in a different way. It demands that we change – that we dig deep and find our faults he forces us to see what we want to keep hidden. He doesn’t do this to be a bully but to help us improve and evolve. Still, I mean who wants to be reminded of shortcomings?

When you combine these two you get unsettled energy – and the Moon dwells in the domain of our emotions and deepest feelings. Can you say tinderbox?

So look at your chart and then take a breath…don’t fight it – maybe these two will help reveal something you can gently change about yourself.