Neptune Goes Retrograde on June 25

I always laugh that everyone freaks out over Mercury retrograde but not when the other planets do the same retrograde rumba. I mean a retrograde is a retrograde for goodness sakes – it is a time for looking inward. Anyway, Neptune our guide to our spirtuality and all things “not physical.” On the positive side, Neptune connects us to the great cosmic soup. However, because it deals so well it spirit, its energy is often unable to cope with physical reality. So the shadlow aspects are illusion, confusion and seeing all of life through those proverbial “rose colored glasses.”

You can use this time work in two areas:

  1. What is your connection to spirit? Does it need review – are you getting the most out of the your spiritual practices?
  2. How are you facing the realities of the physical world? Are you facing them? Are there people or situations about which you are refusing to face the truth?

Those with Pisces Nodes, Sun or Ascendants will feel this the most but even my fellow Pisces Moons should pay attention to this time of retrograde.