Not An Easy Summer-

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

This is a summer of major planet retrogrades. Saturn and Pluto are retrograded in stern Saturn. In addition, Vesta, the asteroid ruler of Saturn’s fellow Earth sign of Virgo, is closely behind them retrograded in Sagittarius. 

If you think this will be an easy, lazy summer the universe thinks otherwise. Pluto will be churning ever downward in almost a frenzied desire to root out the secrets of the rich and powerful. I can see Saturn metaphorically standing by with his ruler ready to slap the hands of those who have gone beyond the rules. It is indeed a day of reckoning for authority figures both in your life and on the world stage.

Vesta will be there telling us to make new rules – and reorder and reorganize our lives after this volcanic eruption.

On a personal level, look for where you are avoiding personal authority over issues and where have you allowed others to take away your power and direction. If you have a retrograded Pluto or Saturn in your chart you will feel this more than others. While this is not an easy time, it is a time to reorder and get control over your life again.