Pluto – She Makes the Offer You Cannot Refuse

I am starting the New Year with a review of the planets, especially the distant and slow moving ones because they have the deepest effect on our lives. It is important to know where they are in our birth charts because the work we must do in those areas last our life time. It is also vital that we track them as they transit through our charts. Ignoring the calls of these powerful planets not only hinders our growth, it can cause confusion, stifled lives and even illness.

Know your chart – know your transits – know where the universe wants you to move forward.

Pluto – this is the case of the last shall be first. Pluto, now a dwarf planet by astronomical standards, still packs a huge punch in our lives. Pluto, known as Hades to the Greeks, was the god of the underworld. Astrologically, she vibrates to the energy of the eighth house, with domain over death, goods of the dead, rebirth and personal transformative power.
Pluto makes you “an offer you can’t refuse.” More to the point, Pluto requires a death of something. Yes, Pluto requires death – and if you refuse to go deep within yourself and root out what is no longer working – what Pluto wants you to remove – she will force that change and she isn’t always delicate about it.

I recently saw a tragic result of someone ignoring the demands of Pluto as it transited their North Node. The North Node is our soul’s destiny – the new way we need to focus our energy in this lifetime. This person repeatedly refused to embody their North Node of Capricorn in the second house – to have domain over their body and resources – and continued to run away back to their South Node. When Pluto hit that North Node, the calls for change became louder and more urgent but remained unheeded, the person suffered a catastrophic fall. Now they are facing months and years of rehabilitation to hopefully walk and be independent again. Pluto forced the issue of caring for body and resources as only she can.

As I said Pluto requires death of some kind. Here is a quick review by house of changes and death required:
Pluto in the first house – old, destructive or unproductive personal habits;
Pluto in the second house – misuse of money, material goods, the wrong “value system”
Pluto in the third house – unproductive or destructive relationships with siblings, friends and people in your local community
Pluto in the fourth house – incorrect images of who you are, family “tapes” in your head, problems with parents
Pluto in the fifth house – sexual dysfunction, creative blockages – false expressions of your inner spark.
Pluto in the sixth house – poor eating habits, habits that hurt the body and bad work habits or a job (not career) that blocks instead of enhances you
Pluto in the seventh house- dysfunctional partnerships either marital or business related
Pluto in the eighth house – blockages to expressing your personal power, misuse of inheritances and because, Pluto vibrates to this house of death and rebirth, you may lose someone in your life –
Pluto in the ninth house- educational limitations, blockages that permit you to grow spiritually and morally and growing your soul
Pluto in the tenth house – career blockages, limitations that keep your “light under the proverbial bushel” and keep you from making an impact on your society
Pluto in the eleventh house – social connections or groups that no longer serve you – toxic social relations that only serve to speak to your “demons”
Pluto in the twelfth house – misguided or no longer valuable connections to God, feelings of being lost in a larger system.


Work with Pluto – don’t make Pluto do the work for you because she can be merciless.