Sagittarius Full Moon Next Week – Do We Make More Calls Before a Full Moon?

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

A 2000 British Telecommunications study reported in the “Financial Times of London”  stated that there are ten percent more  phone calls in the days leading up to a full Moon. I have no idea why they would be interested in such a statistic nor do I totally believe it. However, it might be the case before the Moon goes full in Sagittarius! They do love to hold forth.

When the Sun and Moon are on the “communication axis” of Gemini and Sagittarius – the phone lines should burn up. However, since they are both squaring confusing Neptune be sure that what you are hearing is the truth.  There is too much deception and obfuscation in the air when Neptune gets cranky.

This would be a great time to assess how truthful you are in general – are you always honest with others and most importantly with yourself? Do you trust the words those closest to you? Should you?

Use these two “gabby” planets to assess your communications – whether you use the phone or not!