Saturn Calms Down

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Saturn goes direct

Saturn stationed direct on September 5, meaning that it stops the retrograde motion and appears to be standing still. It won’t be until September 18 that it “moves forward” again in Capricorn. A Saturn retrograde can be tough as it forces us to dig deeply into issues of authority in all forms – authority we give to others and that which we allow ourselves.Saturn makes us look at where we are slacking off and not “adulting.” Face it, none of us want to see that but we have to. 

Saturn remains in Capricorn, which is his happy place. This is the land of “do things by the book, follow the rules and be a good citizen. While it is good to see where we are losing ground in this area, it is also important to make sure that we are not always beating ourselves up for every mis-step. 

Balance – that is the key. Keep that it mind as Saturn emerges.