Saturn Sun Opposition Today

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Don’t think of every interaction with Saturn as being “bad.” Saturn gets a bad reputation because he deals with linear time and what we have to do to occupy it, such as exercising, eating good foods, working. It just isn’t the exciting world of international affairs and travel (Jupiter) or spirit and creativity (Neptune.) Poor Saturn. However, he should not be construed to be a bully – but someone who helps us take authority over ourselves as we conduct our way through life.

With this opposition to our Sun (our inner spark) today, Saturn will be providing necessary energy to those who are looking to align their goals with their actions. It is one think to dream and it is another to apply the work necessary to turn them into reality.

Without Saturn, we would live in an unregulated world of pipedreams. So, don’t curse him. Think how you can use him to apply more authority to life.