Saturn Turned Inward

Saturn is making its slow, deep turn retrograde in Scorpio where it will remain until earlt July. 

This is a perfect time to explore your limitations and fears. Where Saturn is your in chart is where you feel restricted.  A retrograde is already an inward motion – we are to take the energies of that planet and explore and examine their meaning.  With a retrograde in Scorpio – the most intense and inward looking planet – we are getting a double influence of energy demanding that we do some deep exploration.
Where is Saturn in your natal chart? Where is it by progression? Examine those houses and see the issues that you haven’t addressed, where are you over-committed, where have you been unable to say “No, I need that time for me.”  Basically, where do we feel at loose ends in the areas controlled by these houses?

It is easy to blame problems on retrogrades but when we use the energy and the transformative power of a sign as powerful as Scorpio to find what structures you need to build to make your life run more efficiently.