Second Presidential Debate – Showdown in Nashville

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When they met for the first presidential debate, both candidates had so few aspects between their natal charts and the planets transiting over Oxford, Mississippi that it was difficult to figure out if anything would happen. I guess that is why it was sedate. This is not true for Oct. 7 and the Nashville debate. There is A LOT going on overhead!If I were advising the Obama campaign astrologically I would tell them this is the best time to try to get under McCain’s skin and allow America to see that famous McCain temper. Transiting Mars is in McCain’s 12th house and is conjuncting his natal Mercury. He is angry all right – seething with anger – and we will see it escape the confines of the secretive 12th house with barbs and comments directed toward the Democrat. McCain’s Mercury is squaring transiting Pluto at this time which will make him blunt and aggressive. So if Barack can get under his skin we might see a mini explosion of some kind – or at least a grimace or hairy eyeball!

Transiting Mars is also trining McCain’s Sun and his Moon is conjuncting the transiting Moon – there is a lot of emotional power behind what he is going to say – whether he taps into his anger and frustration at being behind in the polls or whether he comes out as the feeling, kinder, gentler McCain he portrayed in the 2000 election is up to him. With his Moon squaring transiting Mars I would preach to his advisers to do everything they can to make him to his “happy place” in his debate prep. If he turns his anger into an expression of caring i,e, I am so dedicated to helping the people of America – see how hard I fight for you —he will have a good debate. If he is rattled or shows his real anger underneath it will be a disaster for him.

Obama was blessed natally with a tight Saturn-Jupiter conjunction in his 3rd house, the house of communication. Saturn and Jupiter together is the placement of manifestation – Obama‘s conjunction is in two different planets – Saturn is in Capricorn and Jupiter just over the line in 0 degrees Aquarius. Thus he possesses the discipline of Saturn to transform the lofty ideals of Aquarius into those magnificent speeches that allow people to understand exactly what he wants to do as President. At the time of the debate, the transiting Moon is conjuncting this Saturn- Jupiter combination in his third house. He will have the ability to turn this town hall debate into a Clintonesque – I feel your pain. He will bear his soul and really connect with the people in the room.

In this area is in everything else during the debate, he is going to have to watch that he doesn’t go over the line. Transiting Uranus is conjuncting his natal Mars and transiting is Mercury is squaring his natal Mars as well – he is going to be willing to get to aggressive and say impulsively the wrong thing at the wrong moment. He might be guilty of the thing everyone was worried his VP candidate Senator Joe Biden would do. Mercury and Mars together is the recipe for aggressive speech – again going over the line is going to be his Achilles Heel. If his Leo rising confidence (which can sometimes translate into arrogance) doesn’t get the better of him he will have a good, aggressive, highly emotional evening and a big night that could close the deal for many Americans.

Both men have a Mercury-Sun conjunction transiting their 11th houses – the house of social outreach and working in groups – so each of their bases will get some satisfaction out of what they hear. This is going to be a highly charged, energetic meeting – where either man can hit a grand slam or fail miserably trying. McCain will need to keep his temper in check and Obama will have to avoid the desire to “go for the kill” and put McCain away and make a uncharacteristic verbal gaffe. Either man can fall victim to alienating a lot of people in the middle if they don’t fight the Mars impulses churning underneath but McCain has much more of a tight rope to walk.