Thanksgiving Full Moon

moonWe will be able to go to “grannies house” for Thanksgiving this year by the light of the full Moon. While it will be at its peak on November 25, one day before Thanksgiving, she will still be bright on Thanksgiving.


If you are one who takes a walk after the big meal, look in the sky and she might be visible still even during the day.  In fact, being active might be the right prescription for this day both spiritually and physically.


This is a Gemini Moon because the opposing Sun is in  Sagittarius, this is the Astrological axis of information. Both Gemini and Sagittarius love to exchange knowledge. Gemini is proud of his ability to know a little about a lot and Sagittarius just loves knowing – and telling you what they know! This can make for some interesting Thanksgiving discussions, to say the least.


This Moon will occur a direct Saturn square Neptune (see my post two weeks ago for more information on this.) This is a clash of the authority and known social attitudes (Saturn) and dreamy, spiritual wandering (Neptune.) This is what we used to call a perfect clash of the generation gap; the established versus the young dreamer. As I said, this could be an interesting Thanksgiving around the dinner table!

Saturn Square Neptune What to Expect

On November 26, Saturn and Neptune will perform the first of three squares. The next will be June 17, 2016 and the final one on September 10, 2016.Saturn and Jupiter

Saturn is in Sagittarius and Neptune is in Pisces so you can call this the clash of the searchers. Sagittarius is searching, growth, spiritual and philosophical growth. When structured and orderly Capricorn is in the constellation of Sagittarius it is a tight squeeze. It is as though Capricorn is trying to reign in the boundlessness of Sag. However, this is a great time to codify our lessons. By that I mean, take the areas close to Sagittarius, such as, higher education, publishing, broadcasting, travel, spiritual and philosophical study, and make a plan of action to further your knowledge in each. Don’t think of it as Capricorn choking that Sagittarian enthusiasm but a way to hone in on making those dreams a reality.

Pisces rules Neptune and when Neptune is transiting its home constellation, spiritual awareness is at its height. Those of us attuned to spirituality feel the pull Neptune calling us to reach further heights. Of course, because Neptune has an element of illusion about it, this is also a prime time for spiritual hucksters. (We have seen a lot of that lately on the national scene.)

This square is the clash of the spiritual titans. Because a square is difficult aspect, it will bring up issues of spiritual inadequacy, even sadness, depression because our spiritual beliefs that once buoyed us seem less solid. Think of this as a time of freeing your mind from old dogmas which may be as useless as the ancient shoes in the back of your closet. Through the pain and doubt of a square comes growth.

On a larger scale, look for these squares to shift religious beliefs nationwide. While I personally hope this means people (read the politicians) keep their beliefs to themselves, free will can dictate that we inch ever closer to being a more theocratic nation.




The Moons of February – Get Ready for Pisces Energy

YES! There was a full Moon on Valentine’s Day and it was in Leo. I didn’t post that information and heard from a few people about that. Sorry! So for your planning  – there will be a new Moon on February 28th and it will be in Pisces. For those who do new Moon manifestations – this is a very spiritual Moon.  Not only will the Moon be in Pisces, but it will be conjunct with Neptune, the planet the rules Pisces. There is no better time to let the imagination and your spiritual awareness soar.

Jupiter, which in the days before Neptune made its appearance to us, was given ruler ship of Pisces, will be making a harmonious aspect to both bodies. Jupiter’s energy is one of expansion and reaching beyond our borders. Moon dreams, Neptune spirituality and Jupiter growth — it all sounds like a wonderful combination!

Yes, Jupiter will still be in retrograde for another month. So you will have to do a little more work to tap into that energy. Half the fun is in getting there isn’t it?

Neptune is all Around Us

I chose the title carefully because, by nature, the energy of Neptune is so amorphous that it does float all around us like a lovely cloud. Little is solid about Neptunian energy.

Neptune moved into the constellation of Pisces a few years ago and will be there until 2025. Neptune rules Pisces so we have a double-dose of Neptune energy cascading down around us. Lately we have started to see the positive and shadow aspects of Neptunian energy in the news.

First, the bad – let’s get it out of the way. Amazingly talented actor Philip Seymour Hoffman died of a heroin overdose. Now I know a talented, sensitive artist being an addict is sadly not an uncommon story. However, almost immediately after learning of his death, we started to hear stories of heroin addiction being on the rise. Neptune is the planet of illusion and escapism and leads to the desire to remove ourselves from reality. An increase of hallucinatory drugs is a side effect felt during a strong Neptune period.

Attached to this is the increase in escapist games – more people will prefer to build computer worlds of illusion than deal with the cold hard nitty gritty details of life.  I expect that by the end of this decade we will see computer gaming reach levels we can’t even imagine now.

On the positive side, Neptune brings us in touch with our compassion. I laugh every time I hear that the laws banning gay marriage are falling even in states that are very conservative. A decade ago gay marriage was used as a ballot box wedge issue that rallied the right wing to come out and vote and now it is like oh ok another state removes a roadblock to people loving each other. Ho hum. That is Neptune at work! Neptune always calls us to be compassionate and caring toward all people. I love it.

We have are just beginning to really feel the impact of Neptune in Pisces. Let’s hope she helps us keep our compassion high as well as our feet on the ground!