Happy Birthday Pope Francis

I never thought I would be typing, speaking, or in any way conveying this sentiment but I love this new Pope! This man who is telling Christians to worry about the poor, do not worry if your fellow Man loves men not women and to basically get back to the “fundamentals” of the teachings of the Church is shaking the world. More importantly, he is scaring those who have co-opted Christianity to mean – hate the poor, or anyone who is in any way different from you but war is a great thing!
With his birthday coming up soon I just had to look at this mavericks chart.
The Pope was born Dec 17, 1936 at 9:00 PM in Buenos Aires, Argentina and even a quick glance at his chart shows how sincere he is about his message of brotherhood and compassion.
His North Node, his current life karmic identification is in Sagittarius – that is the sign of expansion – of reaching out to all to find and understand their beliefs.  Sagittarius is by nature encompassing. However, look at the planets surrounding his North Node. Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius is on the North Node, intensifying that energy. In addition, he has his Sun, his inner light if you will, with Jupiter – another intensifying placement.
If this weren’t enough Ceres, the planet were we get and give nurturing is next to Jupiter and on the other side of this stellium is Pallas Athena the warrior goodness, who indicates in Astrology, where we take up the cause for the underdog. All of these planets are in his sixth house – the house of day-to-day work.  This is his life’s work – to bring the Sagittarian expansionism – the desire to know and understand what makes everyone tick and to care and nurture everyone. His life’s goal was to find work in which he could nurture, care for and understand all people.
His Venus Moon conjunction in the seventh in Aquarius is interesting because it indicates either someone who is gay or someone who really doesn’t give a hoot who people sleep with. In any case, it shows a very open view toward sexuality.

This has not been an easy path – he has many enemies – Pluto retrograded in the first house, Uranus retrograded in the 10th and Saturn in the eighth. I would caution him never to let his guard down or his security for that matter. There are people who do not like “change” even when it is a return to the true roots of the organization. 

Ayn Rand The Social Security Accepting Atheist AKA the Darling of the Far Right

Yes, you know I will get around to doing a chart on Paul Ryan; I just have to get over my shock and amusement that Romney would pick a choice for VP worse than John McCain’s. However, because we know that Ryan is just in love with the author (whom he calls philosopher) Ayn Rand, I thought I would take a moment to take a look at beloved Ayn’s chart. After all she must have some kind of power if she could make the lunatic fringe love her so even though her life defied what they claim to hold so dear.

 I have read “Atlas Shrugged” and “Fountainhead” and thought they were both pretty good novels. They are well written pieces of literature that kept my attention but I never thought to make them words to live by. I was even more shocked when people who somehow actually believe the Bible is a literal translation of the words of God would supersede that holy book with ones written by an avowed atheist.

That brings me to the first thing this chart tells me. That is, contrary to popular belief she really wasn’t an atheist. Her South Node is in Pisces in the 9th house. Pisces is the sign most connected to the “god source” and 9th house is the sign of spiritual searching. With the South Node conjuncting Juno, the goddess of loyalty, she spent many a life time dedicated to a spiritual pursuit.

I would argue that with her rising sign in Leo, the narcissist of the Zodiac, and her Sun in Aquarius the rebel in the 7th house – the house of intimate relationships, that SHE wanted a religion built up around herself. She was the god. It is just hysterical to me that these hyper-religious fanatics are trying to make this megalomaniac’s dream come true.

We can also see where her so called work ethic – that being I do it all for myself and screw you – comes into play. Look at her 6th house, the house of physicality and day to day work. First, it is opened by Capricorn, the archetypal paternal, authoritarian figure. She has five planets in this house, three of them in Capricorn. So her up from the boot-straps, do it yourself, buck up and too bad if you are sick, old are ill can be easily drawn from this placement.

Why then would she spend the last years of your life drawing on Social Security and Medicare? Didn’t I say she had Leo rising – the Narcissist, the ego-driven sign. She could write all she wanted about this we don’t need anyone clap-trap until Leo was faced with cancer, doctor’s bills and her own problems.

 I have long held that the lunatic fringe wants a permanent underclass of people who remain poor, undereducated and hyper religious and who will believe anything thrown at them from “on high.”  I doubt most of the Ryan devotees have ever read Rand or know anything about her life because that would require using the mind. What I do know is that somewhere Ayn Rand, is laughing herself silly over finally getting what her Leo always wanted – her own religion!

The State of the Union — Continued

Last week I started to talk about the progressed chart of the United States because my acupuncturist asked me, “What in the world is going on with the U.S. right now?”

One really fascinating placement is our progressed Chiron, our wound issue, is in the 1st house in Sagittarius. Chiron is where we carry a wound so deep that we don’t want to go near it – it is like a nagging pain we don’t want to aggravate.  With Chiron in Sagittarius in our first house – the house of who we are it is a good time to come to reckoning with our spiritual truth. I happen to think this is the last hurrah of hard right spiritual forces in our political arena. Yes, it might be wishful thinking but this Chrionic wound issue will soon be in the 12th house – and while it will be even stronger it will once again be “underground.” The 12th house is the hidden house – the first house is the house of how we project in the world.

Chiron is loosely opposed to Mars in Gemini in the 7th – as these two pull away and Chiron recedes into the 12th house – the vocal, vigilant and some cases violent hard “religious right” should have their power weakened. However, don’t for one minute think they will go gentle into that good night.

I tend to be a pessimist when it comes to the future of this country. However, I am happy to see that Sun and Venus are transiting the 8th house – that is actually a good sign for us. Sun and Venus in the house of power and personal transformation are transiting over our progressed ascendant and our North Node. Venus was the goddess of beauty and love but she also dealt with money. We forget how much of an influence Venus has on money. (Mercury is the flow of money – Venus is the personal gaining of money.) Hopefully, President Obama will hang strong and force Congress to make some good long term financial decisions.

The stars are working in our favor – that doesn’t mean we won’t still screw it up! Perhaps if more people call and crash a few websites on the House they will come to their senses.

Unity March September 12, 2010

I am so tired of hate and fear mongering in our current dialogue and discrimination against religions some deem lesser than theirs. However, I want to talk about positive events and not dwell on the negative. I will leave that the so called “main stream media” who loves to churn fear into ratings.

On September 12, 2010 at 12:30 PM – there will be an interfaith Unity Walk in Washington DC – promoting peace and understanding among people of all religions and spiritual ideas.


(Hold onto your hats kids. Ramadan ends on September 11 this year.)

You know, Ben Franklin was a vegetarian who believed in reincarnation – (dang I have to do his chart!) but he contributed money to temples and churches of all faiths and denominations because he believed so fiercely in religious freedom. Where are you now BEN? Well, he is in the hearts, minds, souls and soles of those of us who will march together on the 12th.

I am sure the media will pay much more attention to the hate marches that will take place on the 11th, which this year also marks the ends of Ramadan but it is important to be a part of brotherhood, don’t you think?

Of course, I had to whip up a chart for the day – and two things struck me. First, there are 4 “planets’ in the 12th house – the house the deals with our connection to the cosmic consciousness – the universal source. Mars and Venus are in conjunction with one another – giving marchers the strength of Mars energy behind our ideals of a more beautiful world. Mars is in Libra; the sign of the dealing with other but Venus is already in Scorpio – the sign of passion.

Also in the 12th are the Moon and the asteroid Pallas Athena both in Scorpio. The city of Athens was named after Pallas – she is the goddess of war and healing. (She killed and then she healed.) This conjunction indicates a fruitful environment for sympathetic understanding and a rapport among people on a very deep, visceral and emotional level. A wonderful time for a unity walk.

In the 5th house, the house of creativity, we have a conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Pisces. OK, here is the fun part, Pisces vibrates to the 12th house- that house of our connection with the universe, higher ideals, the god-source etc. Jupiter is all about expansion, and cultural and religious exchanges and going beyond our village to understand how other people survive and thrive. Uranus, rules Aquarius, is the epitome of brotherhood and understanding. (Yes, let’s all sing the song –“This is the dawning….”)

Putting those two together is a harbinger for a wonderful day of unity. Right? Well, yes but there is a rub. Both planets are in retrograde – which means they need a new and different way of expressing themselves.

The way I see, the unity walks here in Washington and others in major cities around the country will NOT be headline news. No, we will see all of the hate speech and signs instead. We just have to hope that there are others who have turned away from the main stream media and have found other avenues for peace and understanding.

Me and My Shadow – Taurus

You got me JF! I was showing the shadow of my Gemini South Node — jumping around too much. Your comment was correct – I SHOULD go to the opposite of the Scorpio North Node now – not jump to another nodal axis. Ah ha – I tossed in another word – Nodal Access. You know one thing I hate about astrology is when people try to make it totally confusing and inaccessible. The zodiac is a circle – go look at a chart – it is round – right? So, if you have a North Node on one side of the circle – the South Node has to be on the opposite site – that whole north and south thing. Therefore, that is a Nodal Axis. See? Easy.

So the opposite of Scorpio is Taurus. The last post dealt with a Scorpio South Node…so now we will like at Taurus. Taurus is the Bull, to me the ultimate Earth sign – content to laze in the pasture – feeling the wonderful Earth beneath it. They can stay in the pasture all day and look at the pretty colors of the fields. How wonderful. Well, to an extent.

If you have a Taurus South Node, some of the traits you may become too reliant on are stubbornness, materiality and just be stuck in stuff. Come on, you know someone like this – they hoard materials either actually like having a hoarding illness, or they are people stuck on collecting possessions. “See my toys – I have all of these possessions so I must be good – see what I just bought. You must think me valuable now because I have all of these valuables.”

Taureans also have a hard time turning away from the table. People who eat and eat despite having to reinforce the bed, the car and the house frame – are stuck in a gluttonous past. As are people who can’t change their situations no matter how miserable they feel.

Think of the bull, eating in the pasture all day, enjoying all that surrounds him -never moving – taken to extreme that is a person stuck in a Taurus past.

Remember, our South Node is comfortable to us – no matter how detrimental it is to our soul development in this lifetime. We have lived in that existence for so long that we subconsciously crave to go back there. However, the longer we reside there the more shadow aspects develop as the soul development stalls.

So all you Taurus South Node people – get out of your pasture – and into the drama of the world… embrace your Scorpio North Node passion!