Visiting Ceres and Pluto – and the rise of the sacred feminine

It always cracks me up when scientists, for whom I have terrific respect, act in accordance with  universal energy (something most cast aspersions on.) This is happening right now as the robot aptly named Dawn, approaches the dwarf planet, Ceres, and then continues on to Pluto, recently demoted from full planet to dwarf. Ceres, for years dubbed merely another asteroid in the belt near Jupiter, recently received the crown of planet. The debate is on whether to elevate her to full planet status.

What does this have to do with universal energy? Pluto in Roman mythology was Hades to the Greeks. Both gave him rulership over the underworld, the dark and mysterious other side to life. One of the great Greek myths involves Hades, Persephone, Ceres and the coming of winter. In the first iteration of the myth in, Hades (the Hidden One) abducts Persephone, also known as Kore (“the Maiden”). While held captive in the underworld, her mother, Ceres, the goddess of Agriculture, begins a worldwide search only to discover her fate at the hands of Hades. Ceres goes into the underworld and eventually rescues Persephone but while she is gone, nothing can grow and winter comes over the Earth. The only way she can recover her daughter is to promise Hades that she, Ceres, will return every winter to live with him in the underworld for several months. This was one of the earliest mythological explanations for the onset of winter.

As the years progressed and male hegemony of mythology and theology grew, Hades became less a bully and Persephone became a more willing consort to Hades, not the abducted maiden. The man became less of an evil element and the woman more wanton.

As the world begins to evolve toward sexual equality and we now see the rise of the Sacred Feminine in spiritual and religious circles, we see the imbalance in the mythology of the skies begin a process of rectification. Ceres, once just another asteroid, is now a dwarf planet perhaps on her way to full planet status. Pluto, once the great new planetary discovery of the last century, is now just a dwarf planet.

Dawn arrives in Ceres orbit in March she will find a cold, rocky, icy surface similar to the veneer of outer planets. However, there are some hopes that she may have liquid ocean. Will she give up her secrets or play coy? We do not know. Dawn will then head out to recently demoted Pluto to see how they match up in size, rotational activity and gravitational pull. That ought to be interesting because you know how men hate comparisons!



Face it Pluto, as Ceres rises in stature you are going to have to take equal or lessor footing. You can deny universal energy but not escape it.

Guest Blogger today – author of “Feminine Transitions: A Photographic Celebration of Natural Beauty”

Please welcome my guest blogger today Alyscia Cunningham, a photographer and author of “Feminine Transitions: A Photographic Celebration of Natural Beauty” a wonderful new book reminding us about real values. Check out Alyscia’s work at her sites below! Thanks My Creative Discovery As I child I vividly remember cutting out Garfield comic strips from the New York Times in attempt to draw it. I used to trace but gave it a go free hand. To my surprise, it looked exactly like the drawing of Garfield, emotions and all. From there I began recreating all sorts of animations in my notebooks (I was a doodler in school and my notebooks proved it). In the 7th grade, I drew a picture of Tupac I had hanging on my bedroom wall. I was stunned! It was my first attempt drawing a non-cartoon character and it looked exactly like Tupac. I could now draw people. Or maybe it was always there but I never explored it. After that, I started drawing portraits of classmates for a small fee ($2-$3). I remember having someone different scheduled each week during a particular class (I can’t seem to remember what class it was and how I got away with sitting in the back, not getting any work done, yet drawing away). I first discovered my love for Photography when I took it as an art elective – Photographic Expression, while studying at Montgomery College. At the end of the course, my Professor was so impressed with my portfolio that he encouraged me to take the next course, Photography I. Discovering my passion for photography I did not stop at Photography I but continued with Photography II. By then, my Professor and classmates were suggesting that I consider a career in photography. Changing my major from Physical Therapy to Photography was the easiest decision of my adult life. My main focus is human images and how it can be incorporated with light and shadow. I use dramatic lighting in many of my images because it fosters greater interaction between you and the photographs, as you tend to analyze it a little more. Likewise, the use of close ups creates a sense of intimacy and usually draws a greater emotional reaction from you. Above all I love to convey a feeling of ease or comfort through my subjects. I believe my innate tranquility is of great help in doing so. My visions are the biggest inspiration for my creativity. I typically don’t plan a drawing or photo in advance. A visual almost always comes to me in pictures, including the idea for my book, Feminine Transitions. First I foresee it then use my camera or pen to capture what I visualized. In order to me to remember, I began to sleep with a journal by my bedside. I would wake up in the wee hours of the morning and sketch or write down the imagery that came to me. To this day it still amazes me how I see my images beforehand. How does one describe the logic in that? Science always seems to have an answer for the unknown. To be quite honest, it really can’t be explained. It is one of the beautiful mysteries of inherent creativity and the Universe.

Podcast on the current Venus cycle!

I would like to invite you to a wonderful podcast from Adam Gainsburg, an amazing astrology.

Learn and explore the meanings of the extraordinary alignments in the current Venus Cycle!

Live, video podcast between astrologers Gary Caton andAdam Gainsburg exploring in-depth the meanings and portents underneath the June-July alignments of Venus, Ceres, Vesta, the star Aldebaran, the Pleiades and Jupiter. This is Real Sky astrology at its collective consciousness and spiritual best

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