The Mars/Venus Dance on the Solstice

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This was written by my friend and mentor Adam Gainsburg of Soulsign Astrology ( It is such a beautiful description of the Mars/Venus dance this June solstice that I am copying in total.




Mars and Venus will be very close to an exact opposition on Summer/Winter Solstice in June (for northern and southern hemisphere people respectively) while also on the nodes of the Moon. They will also be close to their maximum brightness in our skies. Mars will rise while the Sun is setting and thus be MidnightStar, visible and brightest for the entire night. Venus will be at the end of her Remembering & Embodiment Phase, heading toward her Wholeness Phase — her brightest as an EveningStar. They’ll not be in the same part of our skies together, but for an hour or two, we will be blessed with bright, red Mars in the East rising, while bright, glowing Venus in the West will be slowly setting. This is a clear symbol of the Masculine and Feminine inside each of us at their most demonstrative – brightest and highest and longest in our skies – wanting what they each want. This can create quite a pull in opposite directions inside us. Generally, the one we are more comfortable with will win our attention to be acted upon. However, this is a fantastic opportunity to try on the ‘less familiar’ version of yourself, which may not be comfortable at first. Which do you default to when you don’t know how to proceed, your inner Masculine or Feminine?

A suggestion is to select the less familiar for you, while not excluding the other. See how you might make room for both in this new or different relationship to each other (by starting from the less familiar polarity). Is it meditating? running? are you alone or with another or lots of others? Remember, ‘making room for’ does not mean prescribing what will happen. It’s clearing out space to be spontaneous and freed up.

This summer’s alignments are invaluable opportunities to own, really own, as many of your facets, qualities and gifts as you’re safe to. You may just discover yourself as the Whole Living Sky itself that the planets are traversing through!!