The Tragedy Of Donald Trump

Yes, I know that is a loaded heading. While I can write a missive on the tragedy to our country, however, I want to step back and focus on the man.


He could, if he opened up to his chart destiny, be a great president. No, really! With his North Node in the 10th house, the house of government and authority, in the sign of Gemini he could be someone who listens to all viewpoints and appreciates divergent ideas. With his Sun energy on one side of the Node and Uranus on the other, he could be a brilliant future thinking leader.

However, nothing he has done to date shows that he has any desire to move out of his South Node or karmic pattern of being someone who is emotionally attached to being the one of knows (Sagittarius) how to protect himself and his “family.” With the ruler of his South Node retrograded along with Pluto in his house of self-worth, he is too afraid to give up the facade of Sagittarius – (there is nothing you can tell me that I don’t already know) to learn. That would require an element of emotional security that he has yet to exhibit.

His Leo rising and Mars on the ascendant makes his belligerence and desire to fight all enemies all too clear.

That is not to say he can’t awaken to his soul destiny. For all of our sakes, I am hoping that he gets a seasonal visit from the three ghosts so instrumental in Ebenezer Scrooge’s rebirth. It is the season of miracles after all. Isn’t it?