Things Will Heat Up Before the 4th with Mars and Saturn

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Mars and Saturn make odd bedfellows in general. Mars is hot and Saturn is cold logic. This is enhanced now because Mars is in hot Leo and Saturn in the coolest of the cool signs, Aquarius. When there, Saturn just wants to quietly ponder how it can restructure societial norms. This is especially profound in the “sort of post Covid world” we find ourselves in. Mars comes in screaming, “I am mad as hell and want to do something, NOW.” Not good.

You may feel that the progress you are making on re-structuring your life is going too slowly now, you may want to start some fights to push people into action. That is rarely a tactic that works. If you start feeling the anxiety of Mars wanting to move you back into “normal, pre Covid life” (whatever that was), don’t take the bait. Use Mars to find what areas are still agitating you, where you haven’t made the adjustment the way you want yet but don’t let it bully you into making a rash decision.

Stay calm and listen to Mars’ ranting and then calmly decide if you want to adjust your re-structuring. Saturn in Aqaurius wants the new plans to emerge but rationally.