This is a month for Scorpio’s and Pisceans to Do Some Work!

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If you have Scorpio Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Venus, Mercury or Node this is a great month to work on your empowerment. As the New Year opens Venus, Ceres and the Moon will all be in Scorpio in the eighth house – the one that Scorpio is most comfortable. You can work on finding your core power in the emotional/financial realms. Are you too much of a giver – do you allow others to walk on your feelings and your needs? Tune into this powerful house for answers.

Chiron is in Pisces now. Finding deep even karmic wounds and bringing them to the surface to heal is much easier now. Clean out the painful closet. Just don’t get overwhelmed by the Saturn/Sun conjunction in authoritarian Capricorn. This is not the time to lay blame. It is a time to turn the page without hate.

All of this authoritarian karmic energy might make it a tough months for potential dictators….stay tuned!