Uranus and Vesta in Taurus – containing the trickster.

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Uranus is the trickster of the zodiac. He loves nothing more than to
stir things up and then go on his merry way leaving you to figure out the meaning of the turmoil. Often there is gift hidden in the dust but it takesa good deal of introspection to find the lesson and the meaning. Vesta is
female warrior energy giving a strong focus on a goal. 

One thing Taurus dislikes is either turmoil or intensity so when these two join there it is bound to cause consternation. This would not be the time to make financial risks- especially if your chart is heavy in either
Taurus or Uranus. Taurus loves financial safety- loves a safe place to
retreat. When Uranus tromps through he shakes those things to the core. 

On the positive side, if you are interested in exploring new creative endeavors – taking a painting class, getting your hands into some pottery or singing in places other than the shower, this is the time to go for it. 

This is the trick of Vesta. Because she has such terrific energy she can overwhelm you at this time – and make you go full steam ahead with
financial risks when it is better to be cautious. Instead of succumbing
to her in this arena – use her energy only when it comes to pursuing
creativity or cleaning your house! Since Taurus rules security – you can use this wild energy to clean out the pile of goodness knows what that has been collecting in the basement,

My best advise is be creative not daring!