Vesta Enters Virgo Today

Categories: Evolutionary Astrology.

Virgo is Vesta’s happy place. Most modern astrologers give rulership of Virgo to the asteroid Vesta. This transit is all about devotion to duty. Vesta’s domain was hearth and home, similar to the Greek Hestia. She kept the fires of the temple burning and was dutiful, almost narrow minded in her task.  ”

Virgo and Vesta have general domain over the body – how we feed, care and work the body – our health and our work habits. Even if you do not have much Virgo influence in your chart, this would be a good time to run a “check-up” of these areas. Do you need to make that doctor’s appointment, get that test? Is your desk a mess? Do you have a thousand years’ worth of paper work waiting to be recycled? Work with Vesta now to make these things happen.

Vesta in Virgo is also about finding the sacred in daily life. It is a very a very grounding, nitty-gritty placement and a time not just to smell the roses but find the mysticism in their design. No matter how mundane, try to see spirit in all you do.