When is the Winter Solstice?

Astronomically, the winter solstice occurs when the North Pole (yes, where Santa lives) is tilted the furthest away from the Sun. No wonder Santa wants to get his team and head out, it is dark up there! Seriously, when this happens, the Sun at its southernmost point in the sky. Therefore, those of us in the Northern Hemisphere – “above” the Equator – experience our darkest possible day while those “below” the Equator in the Southern Hemisphere, have the longest. We are heading into winter, they into summer.

This was a day of significance to the ancients as they literally lived and died by the light of Sun. With no Sun, there was no heat, no food. Celebrations of this day began as a literal intercession with the gods, to bring back that Sun.

The exact time of the winter Solstice is 10:58 AM Eastern time – that is the time the North Pole reaches that furthest point.

However, you celebrate this season, I wish you good tidings and great joy. It is always good to remember the roots of our festivities, however, and for this one – it is the bring back warmth and light. How can you allow the light to shine through you in the New Year?

All the best,